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    Mad Men humbles me

    I personally think Mad Men is a stellar show. Occasionally I am humbled by the dialogue. Episode 9 of season 4 is a prime example. I transcribed this from the episode, and can't stop rereading it.

    It might need context, but I doubt it.


    Roger Sterling: “You want me to get Don to do it? Of course, he didn’t really know her.”
    Bertram Cooper: “No, he didn’t.”
    Roger Sterling [intercom]: “Caroline get Mrs. Harris, it’s regarding Mrs. Blankenship’s obit.

    Roger Sterling: That otta’ get her in here.”
    Bertram Cooper: “This is an insult to her, I can’t think of anything. And I have no office in which to ruminate.”
    Joan Harris enters.
    Roger Sterling: “Cooper’s trying to write an obit, something sharp and sweet.”
    Joan Harris: “Well, Mr. Cooper, shall we say…friend, devoted caretaker..."
    Roger Sterling: “...put 'quietly in her sleep', of course. What’s her profession, secretary?”
    Joan Harris: “Executive secretary.”

    Cooper pauses, then finally finds his words.

    Bertram Cooper:  “She was born in 1898 in a barn, she died on the 37th floor of a skyscraper…She’s an Astronaut.”