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    Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    Friday, September 26, 2008

    What I'm watching



    30 Rock
    Battlestar Galactica
    Big Love
    Breaking Bad
    Burn Notice
    Charlie Jade (old but worth watching)
    Dr. Who
    In Treatment
    Journeyman (never Finished)
    Middle Man
    My Name is Earl
    Pushing Daisies
    Sons of Anarchy
    Stargate Atlantis
    Terminator: SCC
    True Blood


    Mad Men
    Robin Hood (I Know, not that good)
    The Wire
    This American Life
    The Shield


    Not only did SUPERNATURAL, in my humble estimation, finally hit its stride last season, but this season should knock it out of the park from what I've seen so far. This is one of the few underdog shows that has survived, and for good reason. Check it out.

    A cascade of Limericks + Haiku

    Someone I went to high school with told me on facebook that I should write poems today to quell my anger over the deposit fiasco. So, this is what came out. Just remember, I never promised you a rose garden. These are in the order they were written, over the course of maybe half an hour, and the last one, of course, is my favorite.

    You, Landlord, yeah you.
    Give me back my money, now,
    Or it all changes.

    I once had a landlord, a shock, it,
    Who after I left found my pocket.
    So I went to his home, while he was alone,
    And put his fingers deep in a wall socket.

    McCain says the country is tanking,
    Causing Letterman to give him a shanking,
    He then goes on TV, where Letterman can see,
    That Couric beats him in the ranking.

    Obama and McCain will debate,
    Exactly what in this country’s at stake,
    Then they’ll go back to DC, and never ask me,
    Why my debt load is prone to inflate.

    While the fiscal crisis keeps growing,
    In DC, much hot air is blowing,
    But the change in the wind, won’t help in the end,
    Because there’s nothing left to keep the thing flowing.

    A poet once told me a story,
    About how to achieve fame and glory,
    “It’s simple,” he said, as he nodded his head,
    Before stepping in front of a Lorry.


    Just wasted a perfectly good writing day putting together what turned out to be only a 3 page letter with 7 exhibits to be sent to my previous landlord to point out their violations of CCC Section 1950.5, in an effort to get some of my security deposit back. I hate being a lawyer. It'd be worse if I actually was.

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Welcome to Screwtown

    I just got screwed out of $1185.00 of my deposit from my previous apartment here in LA. When I took the place, I had to pay 1.5 times the deposit to get it, due to my credit rating which had been adversely affected the week before thanks to my student loan company dropping the entire debt load of my loan on it, not just the $2000.00 I was in arrears for.

    One and half times the rent of $1145.000 was $1717.50. They deducted the following from what they call $1700.00; to clean the carpet, which I will actually give them, even though it was used when I got it, was $195.00. To paint the place, which was only 450 sq. ft., and I never touched the walls, let alone drove a nail into them, was $795.00, and then they charged $195.00 to clean the place after I spent over 6 hours doing the same and leaving it in better condition than I had rented it in.

    Here’s the thing. Halco Management, Inc., who ran my place are greedy and will do anything to bilk you, even though they didn’t fix my toilet for 8 months and the fact that the elevator broke down a lot and until recently hadn’t been inspected since 2005. I took pictures when I moved in and should have when I left, but you hate to think the worst of people, but in this case, that is the truth. Will do what I can to get it back, but the likelihood is nill to none. Also tried to get a walk through after I was done cleaning it, but waited for 2.5 hours and the property manager didn’t show. I’m pretty sure they have to tell you what you’re liable for in order to take, but we shall see.

    Angry now in a way I haven’t been for a long time. I actually needed the money to pay my bills, and will as usual take my lumps with hard swallowed indignation, and move on, assured again that humanity has too many weak points to survive.

    UPDATE: Just found the California Landlord/ Tenant laws. California Civil Code 1950.5 found here I may not win, but by God I will fight until I have nothing more to lose. Oh wait, I have nothing to lose, because I have nothing. Worst case scenario, everyone in the building will get the overview of my trials and a copy of the CA Civil Code.

    When I moved out of my apartment in Knoxville to move here, I asked the property manager when they wanted to schedule a walk through, and she looked at me like a mother looking at a child who has just said the silliest thing and said, "Oh, don't worry about it. It won't be a problem," and it wasn't.

    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    The Border

    Hey look, there's a Canadian show called THE BORDER. Title sounds familiar, but seems more like 24 set within the Canadian Immigration Customs Security (ICS) Squad. Of course it gets hung-up on terrorist plots and what not. Too bad. Going to go and find episodes to watch.

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    Scrippets Test

    Testing out John August's free and lovely piece of css code for posting screenplay bits with correct formatting.


    The FILE CLERK sits in front of his computer typing in ways to kill people. Almost too quiet to hear, he sings lightly while he types.


    Whistle while you work.

    Then whistles a familiar tune. The SOUND of the KEYS echoing down the hall.

    CODE can be found HERE

    Scrippets Maker can be found HERE

    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    Collected Tweets 9.13.09

    I now have a 3 legged computer table. It HAS NOTHING to do with my earlier comment about 3 legged dogs. Today is just one of those days

    Just found out that if you run the back burner on the inset stove top at my new place, and wash dishes, you get electrocuted.

    Running into illegal credit and debit card min again on Main. May have to rebel, destroying my ability to return.

    Two cars just made thwacking bumper love outside the bar. Nothing amuses me more than 10 mph accidents.

    I've seen more 3 legged dogs on Main St in the last 2 weeks than I've seen in total my entire life.

    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Monday, September 08, 2008

    Sunday, September 07, 2008


    You kind of have to know MY NAME IS EARL to get this one.

    Saturday, September 06, 2008

    Wednesday, September 03, 2008

    The Cursor

    The cursor won't stop blinking at me. Its incessantly petulant need of attention is causing much mental anguish. It goads me into shutting it up by making it work for a living, by placing letters one in front of another. But, when I stop typing it starts screaming again. This wouldn't be a problem if I wrote with a pen and paper. All I'd have then would be a blank page, like the gaping mouth of a baby bird waiting for me to regurgitate into it.

    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    As will all Promises

    I'm going to be reworking things here over the coming weeks. Certain things will disappear and others will magically come to life. Probably whole new look and feel, or maybe just a new look at an old feel. Don't be frightened of change. I'm also hoping to get back on track with things. The last month has been disrupting to say the least, but I'm settled again now for a time. Keep visiting, even if things don't get going with a BANG. They'll pick-up, they have to. More Wizard on the way as well as a few other things. The announcement I was hoping for has been pushed off for a bit, but it's still on. It's how these things work and as I am able to say things about it, I will. But right now I am tired from a 10 hour day and so to the slumber of the brew and the imagination of others I will go tonight. Sleep well, as well as you can.

    - from the little red house

    Weekend Twits

    A Sampling of my Twitters for the weekend.

    forgot the ahole quotient is larger at Rick's.

    The sound of guns cocking and cymbals crashing still haunts me.

    In Venice it's perfectly acceptable if your life is at stake to throw a Jehovah’s witness into a group of gangbangers to escape.

    Woman next to me just ate shrimp bisque. Want to tell her I can smell her shrimp but think it might be taken the wrong way

    Why is it that no one realizes credit card minimums are illegal? By 5ederal law as well as against card processing agreements.

    Can't seem to escape the UT vs. UCLA game. on TV in bar with sound on.

    Starting to feel like some sort of Zoo Attraction.

    Dogs barking for no reason other than they are dogs. Sound of my new environ.

    Small child crying loudly for no good reason, other than she is a small child. These are the new sounds of my environs.

    Monday, September 01, 2008