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    Sunday, November 30, 2008

    Thanksgiving Weekend

    No doubt that I didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked writing wise, but there are some things that got accomplished, idea wise, that aren't on the list. Hope everyone had a good one. I'll regret the not writing enough this week I'm sure.

    Projects worked on: 2
    Pages Written: 6
    Pages Edited: 38
    Words Written: 1616

    Max Payne (only to 28:26) Poo!
    Pushing Daisies 02x07
    Crusoe 01x01-02
    Legend of the Seeker 01x05
    Fringe 01x09
    Sons of Anarchy 01x13
    X-Files: I Want to Believe
    24: Redemption
    Ghost Rider
    Burn After Reading
    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 02x10
    Dexter 03x09
    Merlin 01x11
    In Treatment 01x38
    Crash 01x01
    Legend of the Seeker 01x06
    The Sarah Jane Adventures 02x03-04

    Iron Man Extremis 1-6
    Freak Angels 36
    The Boys 3-14
    The Graveyard book 65 pages

    Loads of Laundry: 5

    Wizard XXX

    Thursday, November 27, 2008

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    Thursday, November 20, 2008

    Pushing Up Daisies

    I weep this evening to news that PUSHING DAISIES has been given the old heave ho. It will make a nice more full boxed set like WONDERFALLS. I shall be watching the 2.06 episode tonight, knowing that I only have seven more to go. I shake my fist at the powers that be at ABC and wonder why they can't allow one show with low ratings to be kept. This used to be how networks defined themselves, keeping a low rated but brilliant show on the air for prestige purposes. I guess they don't need that any more. They're all old men now, tottering about, pissing themselves, in the asylum and complaining about how cable stole their swisher sweet. The good news I guess is that Bryan Fuller will be returning to LOST. I've lost so much tonight, and gained so little. On a positive TV to comics note, although it stilll doesn't feel right.

    "Bryan Fuller tells me, "[ABC president] Steve McPherson called me, and said 'We gave it the best shot we could.' "

    According to Fuller, the facts are these: "It's very likely that Pushing Daisies will end after episode 13, which as you know, is a cliffhanger. But we are talking to DC Comics about doing comic books that will wrap up our storylines, and I already have a pitch for a movie ready to go.

    "To be honest, I'm really not feeling very boo hoo about it. I am so proud of the show. We put together 22 really good episodes, and there is a lot to be proud of. I'm sure I'll be working with a lot of these people again, and I would love to do so."

    Wednesday, November 19, 2008

    Sunday, November 16, 2008


    Idea note:

    Take old half shipping containers and convert them into portable habitats with satellite TV, big screen sofa and fridge, or get the one with the Bose sound system and the self contained jacuzzi, the possibilities of mixing and matching interior modules is limited only by interior space. People will order them to be placed in their yard or driveway for a period of time as a personal RETREAT. Wife won't let you watch the game? Order a RETREAT. Kids screaming so loud you don't have the patience to count to ten anymore? Order a retreat. Your in laws are here for the weekend? Order a RETREAT.

    Like PODS, but useful.

    Friday, November 14, 2008

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    Virtual Social Network Conversations

    The following is a true exchange that began with me setting my status on one of those “Networking” sites I belong to as, “Greg says, "People who don't vote are like people with an opinion I have no interest in." It started in the comments thread of that status and then moved to the internal message system and went as follows.

    A: ?Do you have to vote when you don't like either candidate? I think people should have the full right to NOT vote AND complain about their options...

    B: You probably think the presidential race is the only thing on the ballot too, don't you? There's always something on the ballot worth going to the polls for.

    A: Uh, yeah, well, when you're apolitical, why fake it? Would you rather someone like that just vote blindly?

    B: I should also add that my ballot had 8 people on it running for President.

    B: No one makes you vote for everything on the ballot. There are local issues as well as Congressional and Senate seats up for grabs.

    A: a•po•lit•i•cal /ˌeɪpəˈlɪtɪkəl/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ey-puh-lit-i-kuhl] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
    –adjective 1. not political; of no political significance: an apolitical organization.
    2. not involved or interested in politics.

    B: You seem interested in the politics of being apolitical. I think you doth protest too much.

    A: I'm going to cut off your hand w/my lightsaber...

    B: Bring it, Jar Jar.

    [Switches to internal message system]

    Message header: I just went out there & voted...

    A: ..happy now?

    A: And I cancelled out yours.

    B: Yes, and that is fine.

    A: Well, being in different states, I didn't exactly do anything per your votes...

    A: ...but yes, I voted. I will state for the record that I still would have had the full right to complain if I hadn't.

    B: Well, we'll never know now. ;)

    A: Well, I guess that's a decent point, but my original point is perfectly valid...

    A: NObama will win though - congrats on your support of Socialism...

    B: вы камрад

    A: At least some redneck will [REDACTED]...