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    Monday, July 14, 2008

    Generation Kill

    Just watched the first ep of GENERATION KILL and from what I saw this is going to be one of the more fascinating and honest looks at US soldiers in combat. In a weird way it feels like a modern version of BAND OF BROTHERS. I say modern because it’s the Invasion of Iraq and also because like BOB did, it captures the sort of pop zeitgeist of the soldiers of the time. And also like BOB, it’s character driven rather than action driven. I really look forward to the subsequent episodes. While I have seen few of the slew of Iraq Invasion shows and movies, this one feels really honest, and with a luminary like David Simon attached, I know it will be above all as honest as possible. I should also say that Ed Burns, not the actor and director, but the the former Baltimore Police Officer that Simon has mentored as a writer, is also attached and he co-wrote the first ep with Simon and I think it’s probably Burns inherent understanding, as a former officer, that informs the reality of the situations as well as the comradery that groups in these situations share. Either way, I suggest you check it out.

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