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    Saturday, October 04, 2008

    What have I done today, you ask?

    Well, I’ve watched THE FALL, which I enjoyed tremendously. I watched the first two episodes of CLONE WARS, which I thought were OK, if you were, say, 11. I’ve written about 5 pages of comic in beat sheet/ bits of dialogue/ treatment form and started a tomato plant by stuffing two grape tomatoes under a bit of soil that I filled a large can, that used to have diced tomatoes in it, with. I probably should have just extracted the seeds, but then it wouldn’t be an experiment, but a bona fide effort. Hopefully in 6-8 weeks I’ll have some small plants trying to noodle their way through the soil. It’s in the dark closet for now. I bought a basil plant yesterday and am going to try to keep it alive as I pick bits off of it for sauces and sandwiches. It’s gotten rather chilly suddenly here near the coast, and the greenhouse is still full of junk, so my apartment may be too cool to get things going, but we shall see.

    My hope is to finish off the second chapter of the comic today and do something else tomorrow, but knowing me I’ll end up having to finish it tomorrow.

    Oh well, move along. Nothing else to see here.

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