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    Thursday, April 30, 2009


    At some point while I slept I turned 39. Not really a milestone other than it inevitably leads to 40, and then I have to have a crisis. I'm not sure I will though, since I seem to be living a perpetual one at the moment. I'm hoping my mid life crisis takes the form of actual success instead of panicky introspection. I'm not married so I can't piss off my wife by stepping out on her. I can't afford a convertible and my 95 Camry keeps me pretty humble when I get behind the wheel. I think the very lack of money will keep whatever crisis is coming in check.What should really happen is I should get tired of looking at myself and do something to get into some sort of shape other than pear. I should add a few more miles to my walk everyday, and quit the few indulgences I have because they're more habits now than rewards. I should try more fully to expand my knowledge in what time I have left so the second half of my life becomes more enriching than the first half. I should go out more, to museums and theaters, and try and read at least an hour a day. I should write more and expand my garden and do all sorts of things differently.

    But, we'll leave that all until next year. I mean, I'm only 39.

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    Alan said...

    Yeah. Good luck with that.