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    Wednesday, October 17, 2007

    Bid Penis

    OK, favorite sentence in a spam for the day. I'm afraid it's NSFW, but it is being quoted, so really it wasn't like you went looking for frighteningly accurate anatomical words.

    "watch her jaws drop when you roll out your bid penis"

    Now I can only assume that the "bid penis" is the penis used solely for negotiations and deal making and not actually the one used for closing said transaction. I'm also curious to know if the "bid penis" is demarcated with a number so that multiple bidders may participate in the auction. However, the use of the phrase "roll out" does show promise as well as inspire confidence. Confidence one will need when dealing with a woman possessing multiple jaws.

    1 comment:

    ernie said...

    i too love looking at my spam to find funny subject lines. perhaps this is a penis you would win on ebay? perhaps "jaws" is a mistype and they actually meant "jowls". perhaps there is a dimension where women have healthy jowls that drop when they win a penis on ebay.