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    Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Reality TV Manifesto

    There is little doubt that the long fought writer's strike will inevitably lead to a glut of reality television in 2008-2009. But there is no reason that that type of television has to be either exploitative or inane. To this idea I have derived, possibly selfishly, a Reality TV Manifesto to help guide the future makers of reality TV.

    1. With each show I shall make a difference.

    2. With each show I shall Inspire.

    3. With each show I will teach.

    4. With each show I will change lives.

    5. With each show I shall change myself.

    6. With each show I shall prove myself to be worthy of people's time.

    7. I will not exploit an individual or group for the gain of the show.

    8. I shall not edit for unnecessary or dishonest drama.

    9. No Dogma shall be propagated by the show.

    See, that wasn't too painful. Too bad it won't work. Oh well, back to the House Wives of Orange County.

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