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    Tuesday, January 29, 2008

    Watched some movies

    It was basically raining all weekend here in LA so I rented 5 movies and stayed in. I have to say that to some degree I enjoyed them all, which was no coincidence seeing as how I picked them all to watch in the first place. I recommend them and they're all out on DVD. As soon as I remember what the fifth one was, yes I know that does not bode well for it, I'll tack it on. Someone loaned me a screener of INTO THE WILD, so I'll probably watch that tonight.

    3:10 to Yuma - Remake - Don't remember the original that well, but this is a fine update with a nice ensemble cast.

    Fido - There is something joyous in the style of this film and I have to say I'd completely forgotten that Billy Connolly played Fido until I watched the credits. His Zombie moans are the best.

    Paprika - Pretty, and oddly engaging for Manga.

    Once - I will add to this one and say that the only issue I had with this film was the overuse of two of the songs. It's a musical for crying out loud. Write a new song. Watched on a Sunday morning with COffe, which is the optimal way to watch it.

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