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    Tuesday, February 26, 2008

    Bluetooth keyboard Test

    So, I'm sitting in the bar down the street from my apartment test posing using my new iGo bluetooth keyboard and my centro. Of course I won't really be able to check the post until tomorrow, but for now that is fine. I bought it for a number of reasons, not the least of which which is the ability to post to the blog and write on the go where there is no wireless but there is a phone signal.. Of course the type in the e-mail app is a bit small for me. I've increased the size in the word app so I can read it better. Well, let's see how this works and maybe I'll do a little more mobile blogging for the two of you who read this wretched thing.

    [UPDATE: Well, about two pages into writing the keyboard unceremoniously disconnected causing the phone to go into an inescapable boot-up loop. So, had to hard reset the phone and then Synch up back home. Lost what I'd done. Luckily it wasn't important and the test showed that until I figure this thing out its reliability factor is small.]

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