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    Friday, February 01, 2008

    an hour lost

    Written while watching the season premiere of LOST.

    Well, going into the LOST pilot I did not know that the first part would be a rehash of the first three seasons. Maybe I didn’t see enough commercials, but I think I did. Where did they mention this? I’m 11 minutes in and as I was with the first 6 eps of season 3, I’m fast losing interest. If they’d told me they were going to do this then maybe I would have just tuned in at 9:00, but no, they said 2 hour premiere. It better wrap up by 30 min so I can at least have a 1.5 hr prem, or I’m going to be pissed. We’ll see. Right now, I’m just pissed that even the rehash is pedantic for a 10 yr. Old. It’s like a picture book, with adult picture but chapter book level VO.

    18 minutes and still feeling screwed. I know there is writer’s strike on, I support it, but there is no reason for this to be going on. We aren’t stupid. We’ve waited a long time for this premiere and right now I’m being alienated. Plus they’re trying to get me to play a viral ad game with VANTAGE POINT, which looks pointless to being with, seeing as how they’ve given away most of the plot in the trailer and ROSHIMAN with 4 POVs was enough for any story.

    33 minutes in. So, the wine is kicking in and I’m a bit less angry, but I know it’s not the wine since I had 4 beers before the wine. Now, you might say it was the beer making me angry to begin with, but you’d be wrong. I was born angry. I’m starting to think that maybe the very “catch-up” is tainted. Maybe we’re being misled by such a simple pedantic recap. Probably not, but it was a thought I had. So far it seems accurate, but simple enough to leave new viewers out of the nuance so that the pilot seems as confusingly enjoyable as JJ Abrams would like it to be. I’ve seen his TED “mystery box” talk. I know what he likes, and what drives him. Even the zeitgeist he builds is starting to wear thin.

    Was just reminded about Desmond’s release of the “magnetic pressure”. Someone needs to explain that to me. Magnetic pressure?

    OK, the re-cap is now beyond the point of being a short one. I’ve been screwed out of an hour. Nice, 47 minutes in and they finally do a commercial for the premiere ep. Fuckers.

    59 minutes in. OK, I’m eating my salad now, and it’s a good salad, but I need to know what’s going on. Nice, the first episode actually has a “What happened on the last episode” lead-in after an hour of rehash. Come on, stop now.

    It’s started now, and I’m enamored again. There is a quiet beauty and honesty to it.

    9:26 commercial. “Step-up became a phenomenon”? Really? What did it do at the box office? Now I feel old. My pulse on this sort of thing is non-existent. Of course if it were I’d open my wrists.

    OK, I’m back in for what’s left of the season, 8 ep I think, but just let the show speak for itself and don’t play me outside of its world. I don’t mind being played within the world of LOST, just don’t play me because you don’t have a full season due to the AMTPT’s inability to negotiate. I’m your audience. Don’t alienate me again, or I RUN, well, probably I’ll walk.

    Bonus pints for Hugo centric ep though.

    OK, the ad for MOSTER is one of the most enjoyable in a long time. I knew there were large thighed Norwegian guys keeping the planet in its proper rotation.

    It’s over now and I’m glad I saw it, but wished I had my hour from 8-9 back.

    p.s. If Eli Stone were as good as you said it is, you would have premiered it when you said you would.

    p.s.s. If you want to see good Horror, watch the Japanese originals. Don’t be afraid of subtitles. They’ll save you from many bad films, THE EYE included.

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    EPiC said...

    The online TV guides said it was a recap. Too bad you wasted an hour in anticipation, but wasn't it well worth it? I'm looking forward to Jeff Fahey popping in...