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    Monday, March 24, 2008

    Don't Fret

    Don't fret, I have not died yet. Sorry it's been a while, but life has intervened. Did my taxes this weekend, round one, and went temporarily into a mild comma. Easter also brought the death of the fourth inflatable mattress. I'm thinking that I should check the one in closet to see if it miraculously fixed itself over night. So I woke this morning, as I knew I would, on a nice hard concrete sort of floor with nary a 1/4 inch of carpet on top. Won't probably get out to get a new one until the weekend, so will construct a nest this evening from aluminum cans and cardboard. I hope everyone who chooses to celebrate that sort of thing had a nice Easter and for the rest a nice Sunday. Wrote most of Saturday having felt rather bad about not working on the comic-that-will-never-be and am now only 4 pages from the end of issue 2 which I'll shore up this week and start on 3. Afraid I must get back to the Monday "pull", so that is all for now.

    Have been watching and highly recommend:

    JOHN ADAMS - (love everything but the director. Too many unnecessary "Dutch Angles" and close-ups with the wrong lens.)

    LOST - (Do I really need to tell you?)

    DIRT - (Still not sure what it wants to be, but it's fun watching it try and find out.)

    SUPERNATURAL - (Has become my favorite "Lets kill some demons" show)

    TORCHWOOD - (Better than season one)

    JERICHO (which has been canceled again. second half of first season and the second season have been the most subversive television since I can remember. The first half of the first season however is only required due to plot points and character development but should otherwise be avoided.)

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