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    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    Nothing Really

    I'm just sitting in the bar wondering why exactly I am. A bit of the mental funk at the moment. This too shall pass. Not makin as much headway as I should be on the second issue of the comic. That whole things sort of a limbo thing anyway since there is no real proof it'll get printed. It's more of a back-up marketing bit to try and sell the oncept for a show. Of course it all depends on contracts if the guy I'm doing it for is able to sell the show. Have to keep the comic seperate with regards to ownership or whoever picks up h show would have the comic rights as well. Either way I need to finish up the second issue this weekend. I'll feel OK if I at least have two of four done before I move back to working on my stuff. I'd tell you something interesting, but there currenty isn't anything.. You'll also need to forgive what will inevitably been more grammatical and spelling errors while I use this little keyboard. I can barely see to type and there's no spell check in the Sprint wireless e-mail app. Not for nothing, at least I got this far without the keyboard putting my ohone into a reboot loop. I think I'll quit while I'm ahead.

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