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    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    Jealuous much?

    I first just want to say that I’m not posting this, not quite comprehensive but almost, list of what I did at work today to make you jealous of my job. Nor, is it out of misguided pride in what I do. It is not boasting, it is simply the truth. Just remember how far you can go if you too get two degrees. It’s OK to swell with pride for me. I get it, and appreciate it. Yeah, that's right, I'm only 37.

    (49) Files Filed
    (2) File Searches
    (9) Pieces of case paperwork filed
    (2) Intakes filed
    (7) Pieces of Admin paperwork filed.
    (5) Files retickled
    Opened file 3351
    Xeroxed and put together (3 copies) of court filing
    Ordered file from Off-site storage
    Went to 3rd floor to get mail
    Talked to Off-site storage Tech support about getting online access password reset.
    Placed Office supply order with Discount Office Supplies
    Placed Office supply order with Quill
    Changed water cooler water bottle.
    Double checked information on new deposit slips and checks ordered from Costco. Put away.
    Glued up (46) new file cards to keep "card Catalogue" up-to-date.
    Filled-out and took bank deposit
    Took mail


    Anonymous said...

    You forgot "Took time to make this list".


    Jealous Often

    Matt Stafford said...

    You need to make more time for grilled cheese.

    Matt Stafford said...

    ...even if you're lactose intolerant.

    Anonymous said...

    This is how I feel at work and apparently I'm not alone: