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    Wednesday, May 21, 2008

    Wizard Part XIII



    Part XIII

    What're you doing Em?

    She hesitated. At that moment I could hear the current of the river like a song rushing against the shore. It lapped the bank like a thousand desperate tongues reaching for a grain of rice.

    I don't know.

    I pushed forward and mumbled under my breath. My right forearm went translucent from my hand to my elbow and I reached for Emily. She reached out and our fingers locked. Knowing I'd only have an instant I pulled as hard as I could. Emily flew into the bushes lining the shore and I lost my footing, driving my right leg into the current, just beyond the bank of the river. The water was was cold as death and filled my tennis shoe making my toes spasm. I managed to pull my leg out again and stood panting on the bank, waiting for Em to stand up.

    Dammit Em, this isn't a fucking game.

    My heart tried to pry itself out of my chest as Emily began to laugh. Then, in her usual style, she drank up the moment as though no one was affected by it but her.

    I've never gotten so close. The rush of it all was quite amazing.

    She almost stopped laughing when she looked at me. I know what she saw on my face. I was pissed.

    Oh Aubrey, where is your sence of adventure?

    What Adventure?

    While Emily basked in her new death rush, I shook my arm trying to make the feeling come back. The translucence faded slowly and I breathed a sigh of relief when finally the whole arm coalesced again and I was able to feel my fingers rubbing against the palm of my hand. It wasn't a trick I cared to do, and I'd known more than one person who'd lost a piece of themselves performing it.

    My anger didn't subside until Emily and I were back at her house. The architecture had changed over time, but the essence of the house was still intact. The interior wasn't much and I never was able to figure out what exactly the house had been kept around for.

    Emily had reverted to her age of death. She did that when she was done playing around. I knew she was thankful for me pulling her back. I even suspected she realized she'd gone too far this time.

    I need to know what the word on the wire is Em. I need to know if my Uncles been felt.

    He hasn't.

    She didn't even hesitate in saying it.

    But I'll tell you something.


    That cat of yours has found a few new play toys. I just felt one of them shuffle off.

    Shit. Mr. Toots. Wait, what the hell could Mr. Toots do?

    I left Emily at a full run. I told her I'd be back, but I couldn't doubt her ability to feel the truth of things, at least on the island. It was almost a mile to my place and the entire time I was running, I couldn't help but feel like whatever was happening was my fault. Too much too soon. I wasn't in control of the situation.

    I vaulted the fence to the access road and then slammed myself against the small back garage at the edge of my property. Going in fast with no plan was stupid at best and fatal at worst. I caught my breath and tried to figure out what was happening.

    Inside the house, I could see the shadow of a man backing away from what had to be the ceiling lights in the living room. Something large and nasty blocked the light and I heard a scream. Across the street the lights went on in the neighbor's house. I pushed away from the wall of the garage and walked toward them.

    My neighbor Mrs. Caldwell came out of her house looking a freight. Her robe was wrapped tight against her dense body. Her hair was up in curls. I met her half way.

    Mrs. Caldwell, I am so sorry. I didn't realize the TV was that loud.

    She looked at me suspiciously and then pulled her robe tighter.

    That didn't sound like a TV to me.

    I know, Carl is over and we were catching up one one of those Horror films. I got spooked and thought someone was outside. Turns out I'm just easily frightened.

    Luckily for me there weren't anymore outbursts from the house. Mrs. Caldwell did a few more quick looks toward the house and gave me the evil eye.

    Those films aren't good for the soul.

    I think you're probably right. They spook me pretty good, and I'm a grown man. I'm sorry, it won't happen again.

    Mrs. Caldwell made one more sideways glance toward the house then relented to my rakish charm.

    Honestly. Some of us have to get our beauty sleep.

    I'm sure some do, but if I may say, all you're doin' is banking it for later.

    That broke a sheepish smile across her face and she chortled a little under her breath.

    Good night Aubrey.

    Halfway across her lawn she turned back.

    You won't let it happen again will you? Scared me half to death.

    No ma'am. I promise you it won't happen again.

    Her door clicked shut just in time. Something large, prowled across the light and then I heard the sound of bones cracking drift lightly from my house.

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    tnbonairediver said...

    Still loving it. Can't wait for another chapter.