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    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Hart to Hart

    Don't say I'm not outgoing. OK, so I'm not, but Andrea and Ernie were as the crime fighting duo of Hart to Hart. You know, Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers. Yes, it was after the boat incident, just ask Christopher Walken. See my dear, you've made the blog again. How special do you feel? Sorry Ernie, I was talking to Andrea. Although I have to say that's some nice plastic hair you've got going. Your eyebrows remind me of Jude Law from "A.I.". Me, I didn't dress up. I never do on Halloween, because serial killers look just like you and I.


    english bob said...

    I thought that was homicidal maniacs?

    With the bets will in the world Greg most reports I have seen describe serial killers as

    "He was such a nice, quiet, boy - and he seemed so NORMAL".

    I think you'd be stretching to qualify as "quiet" at the very least...

    Andrea, bad in a good way... said...

    Very impressed.. I made the blog twice..
    well we do dress up every year.. so you must tag along next year. it's an annual event...

    lovs hugs, now go get the brows waxed

    Anonymous said...

    I don't think the Harts ever solved a case involving a serial killer, that's why we needed you Greg. Of course that would have been one more person to share our Freeway vodka decanter with and there was barely enough to go between Andrea/Jennifer and I. Plus you know if you are the Harts friend you usually end up dead by the end of the episode, so maybe it's better that you didn't join us.