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    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    Nothing new

    I’d like to say that something interesting is happening here, but unless surveying banks has suddenly become interesting, I’m afraid I cannot. Since no movement has occurred on any of my stuff, nothing will for now. The TV and Movie industry basically shuts down from Thanksgiving through after the New Year. How exactly they accomplish what they do before that is a bit confusing. There are just too many Holidays for them to keep focus I guess. So, for now it’s just the banks. You never know, maybe after a little rest and relaxation, someone will pick-up something of mine and read it, assuming they haven’t used it for a Yule Log before then.


    buckfelty said...

    Yes. It's hard work entertaining the flyover states. Shoving overrated stars and undercooked scripts down the throats of the masses is difficult, trying work.

    Fabricationist said...

    For some reason I feel that they're less undercooked, as over heated. They remind me of the meatloaf that's been sitting for 7 hours under a heat lamp on the S & S Cafeteria buffet line. At some point it was probably an OK amalgamation of meat, spice, vegetables, but now it's hard and craggy and sits in your intestines like a piece of volcanic rock that lacerates as it passes.