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    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    Thanksgiving pain

    Well, I both broke my tape measure [at the 12" mark, no really it's broken, the metal tape stressed and tore] today and pulled a back muscle [Latissimus Dorsi Muscle, I'd say from the point of discomfort] on my right side this morning, so after one survey I was extremely uncomfortable and came home, although I did stop by Target on the way to get Advil and a new tape measure, therefore I am home and will hopefully get better by Friday so I can finish as many surveys as possible for the week. I wasn't going to work tomorrow anyway, so it seemed a better idea to come home than to painfully survey another two sites and possibly make my back worse. However, sitting as I am in my rickety wooden chair typing this I am probably doing just as much damage.

    So, this has allowed me to lurk about on the net a bit and come-up with a few gems I think people might enjoy. Such as:

    John Rogers over at Kung Fu Monkey, breaks down the John Kerry joke from a stand-up comedian's point of view of why it didn't work.

    Flickr has collected all the metadata from the photos posted on their site and used it to make a digital camera guide.

    The full 1898 "Full Revelations of a Professional Rat Catcher" is availale for free download over at

    The thing that Warren Ellis hates most about our Thanksgiving.

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