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    Friday, June 29, 2007

    Bogus Check

    Behold the BOGUS check that the bank thought was good enough to process. Note how my signature is obviously not mine. Of course they say it is an Internet transaction because that allows people to write checks with your name on them and run them against your account without your signature. Thank God they got my Zip code right, otherwise it might not be so obvious. They also didn't know enough to know which Branch is my originating branch. Thank God the Market St. Branch was good enough. BTW, I've blurred the routing and Account numbers so no one else can rip me off. I took down the image of the back of the check, mainly because it wasn't right for me to condone stealing from them.


    zenzer said...

    Busted image. I hope you are taking the bank to task over this and that they will be refunding the amount. I might suggest calling the credit bureaus and getting a flag on your name/soc sec# in case the perps have enough info to open a line of credit somewhere on your behalf.

    Fabricationist said...

    To answer your question, they've mailed me an affidavit of Forgery which I have to sign, get notarized and return, then they will refund the amount. Luckily for me, one of the people in the law firm I'm working at is a notary and there is a post office on the street level of the building I work in. I can't really close my account from CA and couldn't do it anyway since almost all of my bills are payed online and were in process of being paid as this happened. Unfortunately I just cover my expenses right now so opening an account in CA would be difficult. The money wouldn't sit in the account long enough to do any good, plus I'd have to find a no minimum checking account.

    victim said...

    On mine they only have my name correct. There's no street address and they do not even have the correct city I live it. My bank is listed as the wrong branch as well, and it's not even the main branch that is listed on this bogus check.