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    Wednesday, June 06, 2007

    Entertainment Cabal

    Went to an Alumni gathering this evening. A group of Alums from Columbia are trying to get a sort of Entertainment Cabal off the ground so we can help Skull and Bones each other to the top. I’ve never been much of an Alumni sort of person. I did however get the benefit of seeing a number of people I went to school with and had yet to make contact with here in LA. I also got to see a few people who came out from NY for the event. The best part was discovering how much I’m not alone in my effort to simply survive out here. I’m sure some are finding it more difficult than I am and others less so, but very few I talked to were riding high as it were. All in all it was an enjoyable evening. It got a bit crowded at the end, so I said goodbye to the people I could find in the dark and skulked on home. Hopefully something will come out of all this. Many people have put great work and thought into it. I’d host the next get together myself, but I could really one entertain 8 people or so in my apartment, so maybe I’ll wait until I find something bigger, or at least until I can find 7 more chairs.


    buckfelty said...

    Host the event in a dark, dank basement with rats scurrying across feet. Emerge from the darkness, and proclaim that drinking the blood of a young screenwriter will insure wealth, fame and dream projects. Cite others who have done this before - Coppola, Scorsese, Martin Brest. Then bring forth the drugged "sacrifice" - a young, energetic 23 year old yale graduate with a 3 picture deal at Fox. Slit his throat, drain his blood into a coffee cup that has a picture of a kitten on it and reads "Hang in there!" - and then offer forth the crimson red...

    Fabricationist said...

    Just tell everybody why don't you. Dammit. Back to the drawing board.