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    Tuesday, June 19, 2007


    I just got done watching Michael Moore's new documentary SICKO. It's been torrented and seems to be spreading faster than a pandemic across the interwub. There seems to be a bit of fear it'll be seized since it contains footage, and a pretty significant bit of narrative that occurs in Cuba and Homeland Security has said he entered the country illegally and might move to seize the film before it's been released. This won't happen of course, especially not now, and probably wouldn't have anyway, but the bringing of charges against him and his crew is still feasible. It's his best work. I've had issues in the past with bits of his films where he integrates himself into the narrative and have thought in the past he sometimes took things well beyond documentary. Not this time. See it. Make your own decision about what it says, but see it. I oddly hope that his next subject is immigration. It was fascinating without an audience, but would be ten times more so with one. This is the kind of film you see with friends then go have a cup of coffee and talk about.

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