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    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    It's always something

    While implementing edit changes to the first hour of CA, FINAL DRAFT decided for some reason to change the element designations for everything in the second half of the script. So, I just spent an hour and a bit changing everything back to what it should be: dialogue to dialogue, characters to characters, etc. It was very annoying since I was hoping to get back into it by making the changes then spending all day tomorrow rewriting the lost act so I can spend most of Labor Day weekend pushing forward. I've never seen FD make this sort of formatting mistake so I hope it's a one off and won't happen again. I think I may have contracted carpal tunnel in my right hand doing repetitive highlight maneuvers with my trackball. I, however, shall not be undone by this small set back. If it does it again though, I may have to resort to pen, paper and crying.

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