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    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    Nastiness insues

    It's not getting any better out here in the third day of the strike. Unfortunately the only interaction I have with it walking past the Pico Blvd. entrance to Fox, usually in the last half hour of that day's striking, as I make my way home from work. I want to help, but I'm not sure how yet. I could ask for a sign as I walk by, but then I'd only be there for maybe ten minutes as they wrap op the days protest. It's odd watching all of the people strike both for themselves and also for the future of people like me. I'd thank them all if I could.

    The spin this morning:

    From Variety:


    Strike could run through Next Year:

    "Hopes for a quick resolution of the writers strike are fading fast.

    Back-channel efforts have resumed to avert what's now looking like a long and painful work stoppage. But those moves aren't gaining much traction amid continued hardline public stances by both the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers.

    Worries have risen that without reviving the WGA talks, the scribes' work stoppage could easily bleed into the middle of next year."

    Showrunners Take Sides.

    "As showrunners start to flex their muscle with plans for a major rally today, sitcom and drama sets are going dark -- in some cases sooner than the nets and studios had anticipated.

    Laffer "The New Adventures of Old Christine" could conceivably produce a seg this week -- but exec producer Kari Lizer shut the show down, as star Julia Louis-Dreyfus hit the picket lines in support of the scribes. Fox's "Back to You" was set to return from hiatus today, but that table-read was scrapped, and it appears the show won't return until the writers do.

    Also already dark: Fox's "'Til Death" and CBS' "Rules of Engagement." And it doesn't appear as if much is getting done over on NBC's "The Office" either."

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