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    Monday, November 12, 2007

    Noise Pollution

    In an effort to address a noise pollution issue at the apartment complex I posted a copy of the below letter and a petition to be signed by any tenants believing that the property management company should address our concerns before I sent the letter off could sign it. After posting it in the elevator I went back to my apartment for about half an hour. On my way out I was happy to see that there were already 3 signatures. When I returned 3 hours later it had been completely removed from the elevator. What's odd to me is that this noise pollution issue isn't caused by any of the tenants of the building but by people using the ground level parking illegally after hours. I am completely confused why someone would remove it. Oh well, so much for democracy. I'm afraid a firmer hand must now be used.

    Property Manager


    RE: Noise Pollution and Quality of Life Issues

    Property Manager,

    We the undersigned of the attached petition, residents and tenants of [redacted] Westwood Blvd., respectfully ask that the management of [redacted] Westwood Blvd. address the noise pollution issue stemming from the improper use of the ground floor parking area as late night overflow parking for surrounding businesses. While we realize that Property Management cannot control, nor are expected to, the activities of surrounding businesses, we do believe that steps should be taken within the grounds of this property to stem this activity. It is quite common for patrons of surrounding businesses to use the ground floor parking area as overflow parking leading to excessive noise pollution during the hours of 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM. This activity is not the direct result of actions by either residential or commercial tenants of this property.

    It is not uncommon to be woken by loud music, emanating from parked cars, yelling, screaming and general partying during the hours of 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM especially on the weekend. This is a grave quality of life issue for all tenants and especially for those tenants who must wake early for work. We ask that steps be taken to control improper use of this parking area.

    We extend our thanks and appreciation for any assistance that can be provided pursuant to this concern by building management.


    Tenants of [redacted] Westwood Blvd.

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