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    Friday, September 26, 2008

    A cascade of Limericks + Haiku

    Someone I went to high school with told me on facebook that I should write poems today to quell my anger over the deposit fiasco. So, this is what came out. Just remember, I never promised you a rose garden. These are in the order they were written, over the course of maybe half an hour, and the last one, of course, is my favorite.

    You, Landlord, yeah you.
    Give me back my money, now,
    Or it all changes.

    I once had a landlord, a shock, it,
    Who after I left found my pocket.
    So I went to his home, while he was alone,
    And put his fingers deep in a wall socket.

    McCain says the country is tanking,
    Causing Letterman to give him a shanking,
    He then goes on TV, where Letterman can see,
    That Couric beats him in the ranking.

    Obama and McCain will debate,
    Exactly what in this country’s at stake,
    Then they’ll go back to DC, and never ask me,
    Why my debt load is prone to inflate.

    While the fiscal crisis keeps growing,
    In DC, much hot air is blowing,
    But the change in the wind, won’t help in the end,
    Because there’s nothing left to keep the thing flowing.

    A poet once told me a story,
    About how to achieve fame and glory,
    “It’s simple,” he said, as he nodded his head,
    Before stepping in front of a Lorry.

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    Anonymous said...

    Pretty sure Willy Wonka wrote the second to last one... plagiarist! :-)