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    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    As will all Promises

    I'm going to be reworking things here over the coming weeks. Certain things will disappear and others will magically come to life. Probably whole new look and feel, or maybe just a new look at an old feel. Don't be frightened of change. I'm also hoping to get back on track with things. The last month has been disrupting to say the least, but I'm settled again now for a time. Keep visiting, even if things don't get going with a BANG. They'll pick-up, they have to. More Wizard on the way as well as a few other things. The announcement I was hoping for has been pushed off for a bit, but it's still on. It's how these things work and as I am able to say things about it, I will. But right now I am tired from a 10 hour day and so to the slumber of the brew and the imagination of others I will go tonight. Sleep well, as well as you can.

    - from the little red house

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