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    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    Weekend Twits

    A Sampling of my Twitters for the weekend.

    forgot the ahole quotient is larger at Rick's.

    The sound of guns cocking and cymbals crashing still haunts me.

    In Venice it's perfectly acceptable if your life is at stake to throw a Jehovah’s witness into a group of gangbangers to escape.

    Woman next to me just ate shrimp bisque. Want to tell her I can smell her shrimp but think it might be taken the wrong way

    Why is it that no one realizes credit card minimums are illegal? By 5ederal law as well as against card processing agreements.

    Can't seem to escape the UT vs. UCLA game. on TV in bar with sound on.

    Starting to feel like some sort of Zoo Attraction.

    Dogs barking for no reason other than they are dogs. Sound of my new environ.

    Small child crying loudly for no good reason, other than she is a small child. These are the new sounds of my environs.

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