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    Monday, June 22, 2009

    Unemployment Day 1

    [Something seems to be wrong with the Blogger interface, so I'm sending this post via email.]

    So, what did I do today on the first full day of my temporary (let's hope) unemployment? Glad you asked. I grilled 5 split chicken breasts with bone in, then removed the chicken and made stock with the bones. I reread a number of half finished ideas to see which one would be the most likely to be finished in a week. So far, it isn't looking good. Instead I have decided to finish writing the second hour of Clockwork Airship. Hopefully this will be doable since there are only two acts left to go and then a quick top to bottom polish. Hopefully I can wrap it up in a few days. I've known where it was going for over two years now.

    My hope is that by next week I'll either finish a previously started screenplay, or just write a rough first draft of a new one. I write pretty quick. Won't mean it will be good, but it will be done, and then I can use the little bits of time I have to rewrite it.

    On Sunday my writing partner and I finished a rewrite of a script and I sent it off to the people who asked to read it. There is something nice about finishing something like that. We've been working on it on and off for the last two and a half month. For me it was really only on the weekends. Hopefully someone will like it.

    In two weeks I will begin to start looking for work again. I have enough to make it through the end of July, but really need a job two weeks before the end of July so that there isn't a hiccup in money coming in.

    It's a rough plan, but at least it's a plan.

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