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    Monday, February 06, 2006


    Things are going to probably be slow around here for a bit. I'm running out of time and am going to try and put all available energies into the thing I'm working on right now. I need your patience and forgiveness for the coming week. This includes the one panels. They are more draining than they seem. They're getting stale anyway. Maybe if I let them sit they'll moisten in the air and not just dry out.

    Keep checking back though, you never know.

    Sorry Breena.


    tnbonairediver said...

    It always comes down to a deadline. You think you have a lot of time then you look and the date is creeping up on you. Crack the whip and get to work. We want to see your name in the credits of some show or movie.

    Gordon Gekko said...

    this is your wake up call, buddy boy. get to work.