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    Friday, February 03, 2006

    Human Profiles

    I just finished reading one of the best pieces of profile writing I've read in a long time. It's about The Great Zucchini, a preschool entertainer in the Washington DC area. It's in The Washington Post online edition, you shouldn't have to subscribe, I didn't but may have an old subscription cookie lying about in my safari, but if you do, use Bug Me Not. Read the whole thing. It's long but well worth it. It must be my day for human profiles since I woke today and watched Joe Gould's Secret again on IFC. I love this film and am a bit saddened with myself that I've never read the book. Anyway, back to the article. It's a wonderful surprise filled portrait of a man that is so unexpected it will completely hook you. It's rare these days that simple profile writing captures so much humanity with such lyrical beauty. Do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes; you might just learn something about yourself.

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