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    Monday, February 13, 2006


    So while greater Knoxville got nothing but a snow flurry tease, the Sevierville area evidently got the snow. I’m stuck in Knoxville at least until tomorrow when it’s in the 50s and I can go back up. The main roads leading to the cabin are fine; it’s just the gravel roads that you traverse once you leave the main roads that are a problem. There is evidently ten inches of snow on the ground and the roads are quite steep. The one down to our cabin is a 45% grade or greater. It would be here of course where my little Camry would go into a death slide and either make me run into the cabin at the bottom of this little bit of steepness, or careen over the edge and eventually make it to our cabin if it were not for the density of the trees there. Oh well, nothing to do but drink.

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