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    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    February 2009 Round-Up

    February 2009 Round-Up

    I’m tracking everything I watch, read and write in 2009. Here’s the February Round-Up. The writing was visibly down. I wish I had a good excuse. The TV watching seem to have gone up and I seem to have read almost nothing.

    Words Written: 4084
    Projects Worked on: 2
    Scripts Read: 1
    Movies Watched: 6
    TV Shows Watched (episodes): 75
    Books Read: 0
    Comics read (issues): 0


    Hulk Vs. Wolverine
    Hulk Vs. Thor
    Dead Like Me: Life After Death


    The Clone Wars 1X15
    Legend of The Seeker 1X11
    Leverage 1X9
    Big Love 3X3
    24 7X6
    24 7X7
    Heroes 3X14
    No Heroics 1X3
    Fringe 1X13
    No Heroics 1X4
    My Name is Earl 4X17
    30 Rock 3X10
    Burn Notice 2X12
    The Clone Wars 1X16
    Being Human 1X1
    Life 2X13
    Being Human 1X2
    Battlestar Galactica 4X14
    Lost 5X4
    Supernatural 4X14
    Heroes 3X15
    Fringe 1X14
    Life 2X14
    Lost 5X5
    Leverage 1X10
    Leverage 1X11
    30 Rock 3X11
    Batman:TBATB 1X10
    The United States of Tara 1X1
    The United States of Tara 1X2
    The United States of Tara 1X3
    My Name is Earl 4X17
    Battlestar Galactica 4X18
    Dollhouse 1X1
    Burn Notice 2X13
    Nip/Tuck 5X18
    Nip/Tuck 5X19
    24 7X8
    Terminator: TSCC 2X14
    Being Human 1X3
    Being Human 1X4
    Big Love 3X4
    Big Love 3X5
    24 7X9
    Heroes 3X16
    Nip/Tuck 5X20
    Leverage 1X12
    Life 2X15
    My Name is Earl 4X19
    Lost 5X6
    Doctor Who 4X1
    Doctor Who 4X2
    Burn Notice 2X14
    Battlestar Galactica 4X16
    Dollhouse 1X2
    Doctor Who 4X6
    Big Love 3X6
    24 7X10
    Heroes 3X17
    Leverage 1X13
    Nip/Tuck 5X21
    Doctor Who 4X7
    Lost 5X7
    Life 2X16
    30 Rock 3X12
    Burn Notice 2X15
    Doctor Who 4X9
    Doctor Who 4X10
    The Clone Wars 1X19
    Battlestar Galactica 4X17
    Batman:TBATB 1X11
    Dollhouse 1X3
    The United States of Tara 1X4
    The United States of Tara 1X5
    The United States of Tara 1X6

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    Matt Stafford said...

    I recommend that you watch Wilfred.