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    Wednesday, March 18, 2009


    I've got a number of things going at the moment, so I haven't been paying much attention to the site. Beyond working during the week, I'm finishing the rough draft of an OAV for my friend I was working on the comics with, which got postponed due to no advance money thanks to the economy. I've finished a rough draft of a 30 min dramedy for some friends and am getting feedback on where it needs to go. I have a pitch meeting on Friday morning with a mystery person, on a studio lot in Burbank. No idea how that will go or where, if anywhere, it will lead. It's odd, it's been almost exactly three years since I arrived here, and only now are things looking possible, just as financially they are almost untenable. So, give me some time. I'll get back to Wizard and all the other things I've let languish.

    Enjoy St. Patrick's day and drink one for me.

    UPDATE: As often happens here, the pitch session has been rescheduled until next Friday. So, that means normal paid work Friday and one less nerve wracking thing for the week. It'll be interesting how it schedules out in the end. I'll keep updating here.

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