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    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    A change of pace

    I had a nice diversion last evening in the form of a friend in from NY. He and his girlfriend had started in San Francisco and had worked their way down to LA. I met them out a hip little place called Beachwood on Washington, which for the life of me I could not find. I later found out they'd had trouble as well, but while I was driving they were literally just trying to find it by walking a short ways down the street from their hotel. You could immediately tell how hip it was by the way it was hard to find. You could also tell by the fact they only had two beers on tap, one of them being Chimay. The last way was that one of the "attendants" kept telling us where to sit and how we had to rearrange the chairs we were sitting in so as to make room for the impending hipsters that would arrive much later than us. Either way I had a great time finally having an evening where I got to talk to people I know. Another Alum also came out to meet us and offered me a possible small job on his TV pilot. It'll be something in the range of a paid PA position, but anything other than banks is fine with me right now. It'll only be for about two weeks and I was planning on trying to take a month to write anyway once I'm done with this contract. So, possible nice changes for a portion of the month of March, even if after I have to return to putting stickers on ATMS.


    Matt said...

    Chimay on tap? That's a bit unusual. How do they manage to keep the yeast active? How do they manage to get a bit of residue in each glass?

    Fabricationist said...

    I't didn't quite live up to the bottled Chimay, so I'm thinking they've got their own draft version because they can make good money off it. But truly I don't know since they were being brought to us so I never saw it get poured. I can tell you there was no residue in the glass and it wasn't very cloudy.

    Matt said...

    If your NY friends are friends of mine also, tell'em I said hi.