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    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    TSA Guidelines for Moneky Helpers

    I first read this posted on and couldn't resist posting the full thing here from the TSA website. I wish I had a monkey helper.

    Monkey Helpers

    • When a monkey is being transported in a carrier, the monkey must be removed from the carrier by the handler prior to screening,
    • The monkey must be controlled by the handler throughout the screening process.
    • The monkey handler should carry the monkey through the WTMD while the monkey remains on a leash.
    • When the handler and monkey go through the WTMD and the WTMD alarms, both the handler and the monkey must undergo additional screening.
    • Since monkeys may likely draw attention, the handler will be escorted to the physical inspection area where a table is available for the monkey to sit on. Only the handler will touch or interact with the monkey.
    • TSOs have been trained to not touch the monkey during the screening process.
    • TSOs will conduct a visual inspection on the monkey and will coach the handler on how to hold the monkey during the visual inspection.
    • The inspection process may require that the handler take off the monkey’s diaper as part of the visual inspection.


    english bob said...

    Am I the only one wondering what the guidelines on disciplining the monkey in public are??

    buckfelty said...

    I like monkeys who can prepare martinis and deliver them. I like monkeys. I like monkeys.

    Fabricationist said...

    I couldn't help think why it was the TSA was concerned that someone might turn a small monkey into a suicide bomber. You'd pretty much be able to see the vest. With that in mind, I believe they should only suspect and search monkeys that happen to be dressed smartly.