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    Thursday, April 19, 2007


    It’s 10:20 PM and I’m still here waiting for them to lock the cut. Final Studio and Network visit tomorrow, so it’s vegetable tray pick-up for me in the morning. In the end I probably will be sent home soon since the music Editor probably didn’t know they’d want her to do something tonight so she probably went out to have a life. I’m waiting on a QuickTime file I’m supposed to run to her house tonight in Burbank. I still haven’t gotten very good with utilizing the amazing amount of down time that I incur waiting for things to happen, which usually don’t. I just can’t get enough focus going to do anything productive since there is inevitably an interruption of some sort every twenty minutes or so. In the end it’s overtime, and I could use the little added cash that provides. Looks to be another 70+ hour week here in the exciting world of show business. On the positive side, there really wouldn’t be any reason for someone from the Network to show up tomorrow to watch the locked Avid cut if they didn’t have an interest in the show.

    We start online tomorrow and finish up ADR next week. The it’s time for color timing and final mix. Only a week and a half to go, then the parents are coming into town for a few days then maybe after that I can take a few weeks to get some writing done before I start whatever job is next.

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