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    Wednesday, April 18, 2007


    So, the second Network cut was delivered yesterday, so all that remains are the notes from the head of the network this afternoon. Then it’s on to final ADR, sound mix, final SFX lay-in, and whatever little tweaking remains. Things should finally be slowing down here to manageable levels and become something more akin to a normal 60 hr a week job. I have to say that I don’t look forward to possibly having to go back to doing the work I was doing before. Even though this job didn’t pay enough and the hours are crap, I’ve definitely enjoyed it more than the other stuff. But, if it doesn’t get picked-up I may have to go back to signage. At least it’s still out there.

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    Matt said...

    Crossing my fingers for you, dude. If it doesn't get picked up, maybe you can re-shoot the pilot but have Thomas Kincade paint the backdrops for you this time. People love that shit.