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    Saturday, May 05, 2007


    So, you already know about Netflix, but do you know about Booksfree? It's set-up on pretty much the same model, but it's paperback books and audiobooks instead of DVDs. Pretty soon we won't have to leave our homes to enjoy the beauty of another person's imagination instead of suffering through the reality outside.

    "How does Booksfree work?

    After signing up, browse the Web site and add titles to your list by clicking the red Add To List button. We automatically ship the number of titles your membership plan allows. The remaining titles on your list will be queued up for future orders. We recommend keeping at least 10-15 titles (this does not include title that have not been published yet or are older, rare titles) on your list at all times for the greatest enjoyment of our service. You may keep the book(s) as long as you'd like, there are no due dates or late fees. When you return books in the provided prepaid return mailer, we automatically ship your next selection(s)."

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