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    Friday, May 18, 2007


    Well, I think I just finished a pretty successful rewrite of the first hour of CA. At least I’m pretty pleased about it at the moment. I’ll begin on the second hour tomorrow and work off what I have now. I still think the first hour is about 2-3 pages short, but hopefully that’ll give me the room I need as I work the second hour and figure out what small scenes are missing from the first. Either way I’m just pleased as punch that I’ve finally gotten back into it. Now if only my eyes would stop misbehaving it’d be even better. I’ve basically got the text at 150% so I don’t strain reading it. I think it may be time to have my prescription checked, which kind of sucks since I just dropped $225.00 on the new lenses less than a year ago. Getting old sucks in some pretty dramatic ways.

    I’m hoping the new temp job will give me more time to write by being less stressful and less “ownership” oriented than the other work I’ve been doing. I’ve got to get a few things written pretty soon or I’m not going to have anything new to get out there.

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