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    Tuesday, September 26, 2006

    Below Something Rages

    Beneath the stars, beneath the sky,
    Below the buildings watchful eye,
    Beneath the lamps, beneath the streets,
    Below the ground, where something sleeps.
    Beneath the tunnels, beneath the trains,
    Below the sewage pipes and drains,
    Beneath the water, beneath the rocks,
    Below a thousand ages, Knocks
    Something trapped within a cage.
    Imprisoned here before this age.
    Something made of timeless stuff.
    Something breathing deep and rough.
    Something full of ageless rage.
    Breaks again, against its cage,
    Breaks against the smooth hewn walls,
    Against the runes and magic scrawls,
    Against the spells and bloody curses
    Against these very stone etched verses.
    Against the walls that sprung from fear,
    Against the wall, where cracks appear.

    [© 2006 Greg Bunch]

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