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    Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Yee Haw and Whatnot

    The other night while in the pub I watched a person pull out their laptop, an ibook, and find an unsecured wireless connection. But it would seem that now that I’ve lost mine, I cannot do the same. I was secretly hoping to make the pub my offsite office as it were until I got a connection. However, as I sit here now there is no signal whatsoever, not even one. Which is of course why you won’t read this post right away but rather later when I do find one I can use. I can’t possibly put into words how devastating this is to me at the moment. I guess on the plus side of things, I re-typed 20 pages of my script today. Of course it’s two pages longer than it was and the act out of act one is different, but better for it I believe. I took the opportunity of a re-type to simply do an edit as well. So I’m sitting here in the pub typing away and adding more. Of course the Pub is oppressively hot and so my powerbook is heating up too quickly, which will make this a much shorter session than I planned. Plus I’m sweating like a hog. I’m going to have to spend tomorrow looking for viable connections in and around the coffee shops about. The reason there should be a connection in the Pub is that it is right next door to a Peet’s Coffee which supposedly has an available free network. There is no way the walls are thick enough to shield it. Diminish it yes, completely shield it, no. In the end I may just have to spring for a month-to-month T-mobile account to use the Starbucks down the street.

    Up to page 21 of 38 now, which is only page 18/38 in the original. Which might just make the second act out fall into place better as well.

    Just arrived home and link is back up. This seems to happen every holiday. The last time it happened, was the 4th of July. While I held out hope, I couldn’t be sure.

    Back on line now.

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