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    Sunday, September 17, 2006

    Small Update

    Here is a small update of what I’ve been doing since last I posted. Wednesday and Thursday were spent whittling VALENTINE down to a more lean workable package. I also finished the third act of CA on Thursday. Friday was spent trying to re-imagine FABULON using the mythology but changing everything else. Since a certain HBO show, it isn’t very salable anymore. So I came up with something called THE LONG HAUL and sent it to the person I working with on this stuff. He thought the protagonist should be younger to give it a better chance of generating interest. So Saturday I reworked the whole thing again into something tentatively titled SECRET HISTORY. The protagonist is now young, and a girl (which is always better) and I pulled the main character of TLH in as a supporting character. Wrote pretty much all day on that which generated an overview and a rough beat out (3000 words or so) of the first episode. Today, I’m working on excel spreadsheets and filling out forms to keep the student loan company from being nasty again. After I’m done with that I’ve got to map out tomorrow’s work-for-money trip. I’ll also be working Tuesday and going to San Diego on Wednesday to train someone on the same stuff I’ll be doing on Monday and Tuesday. Well, that’s about it really. I’d hoped to be done with first hour of CA before now, but with the computer crash and the subsequent other stuff, it was not to be. I’ll look at it again on Thursday when everything quiets down again.

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