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    Sunday, January 08, 2006

    Karaoke Night

    Well, the voice over has moved from starting on page five to starting around page 27. Of course once I remove the VO bits from the beginning, it will be more like page 25. Of course all this depends on how long the opening is now that I’ve gotten more research about what it takes, as a tourist, to go from Tel Aviv Airport to Bethlehem by way of Jerusalem. I woke up this morning feeling that the voice over was too soon and could just as well served being brought in later so as to not spoil the almost silent opening. I’m pretty sure there will now not be any dialogue until like page 10,11, or 12. There is diagetic (sp) sound, but no actual story dialogue. Hmmmm. Curioser and curioser. Then of course I chose to go out about 8:00 PM and am now useless. I hadn’t been out since Tuesday and needed a break. Of course it turned out to be Karaoke night. I have been taught much this evening. Most specifically I’ve been taught that drunk people should not sing “Stairway To Heaven.” Also, people with nice voices should stick with the Church Choir. Also, if you're going to add tomato juice to your beer, don’t add it the Cherokee.

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