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    Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    Page 37

    I've made it to page 37 with only a little difficulty. I think I've made it read more easily than a Burroughs novel, the cutting and pasting style, but who knows. It gets sticky from here. Have new scenes to write and a lot of old lambs to slaughter. I think maybe I should stick to something other than political intrigue, even if I am making it up. These shady guys are hard to follow, they're slippery you know. Plus I wasted part of yesterday writing a scene that I threw out by the end of the day. I should get my money back for that one. Oh well, it's almost time for the bomb to go off. I going to go round everyone up and make sure they're all standing where they're supposed to be. I'd hate for the explosion to miss someone.

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