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    Friday, January 06, 2006

    The Sky is Falling

    This first snow has started to fall here. Its not expected to make much as far as accumulation is concerned, but who knows. Realized while working on one of the scripts I’m trying to finish, (first draft), before the chili cook-off, that it’s been over three years since I wrote the initial very rough draft. It’s hard getting back into the story even though it is one I think has merit. It’s odd, that every time I try and work on one, my mind wonders to another that is only in the infant stages. Maybe they’re all the same, the stories I want to tell, which is why they seem to bleed into one another regardless of space and time. One day maybe I’ll have a better grasp on exactly what the themes are that connect them all. For now I’m editing and trying to find which scenes need to go and which need to stay and which need to be added. These things are generally seamless when you watch a good film, but are quite difficult to figure out when one is trying to stitch them whole cloth into something worthwhile. The largest problem with this one was that to finish it for class I wrote thirty pages of exposition rather than completing actual scenes. That’ll teach me. I also can’t quite figure out if it is a morality play, thriller, allegory, mystery, sci-fi epic, or all of them wrapped up in an enigmatic piece of shite. But, I digress. I’m pretty sure the first 61 pages is passable. But if it is, am I willing to watch it for 61 min since a page roughly translates into a minute on screen? I think at the moment it’s a bit boring and moves with the interest of a sloth taking a pee. Well, evidently this blog has finally become my writing bitching ground. Step carefully for there are many skeletons here.

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