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    Monday, January 16, 2006

    Life is Good

    The Chili Gnome has taken up residence and seems to feel that everything belongs to him, which is troubling. He's already begun a memoir on his time as a Chili Gnome, and the disastrously sad time from before becoming a Chili Gnome, and says that's he's going to hold no punches. Evidently, before he was a Chili Gnome, life was less than good. He says his life has been filled with abuse, neglect, and what he refers to as "A point of great personal tragedy involving drugs and prison." He considers himself to have grown from these experiences and says he wishes to keep others having to go through what he went through.


    mds35 said...

    Sugar-coat it anyway you like, but keeping a gnome in your home is oppression and slavery. I think the GLF may want to have a word with you.

    Fabricationist said...

    Does he look oppressed to you? The fat little bastard is the one keeping me as a slave. I'm the one who needs liberating. You know how much he eats? I'm just hoping he doesn't make friends with Mousmoleshrew and use him as some sort of battle steed or something. Then again, I could let him out and have at the squirrels. I just don't know. He might want to ride them too. He's a lascivious little bastard.