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    Monday, January 30, 2006

    Yowling Cats and CELL

    Outside I can hear the cat yowling. It is a butterscotch yellow and white like a soft chew candy. I wish I could do something for it. It doesn’t seem hungry really, just kind of lonely. The yowl is that low hurtful one that rips through the rest of the sound of the night. It’s been raining and when I looked out at him earlier he was soaked, but ran from the front porch lights. The problem is that I can’t really do anything. If I feed him, he’ll become dependent. I’m sure there is plenty of food, within almost any cat’s ability to catch, here in the woods. The sound of its yowl just kills me though. Sometimes you can hear two of them fighting with those high-pitched yells and screams. I’ve often thought that people should be tortured by listening to the sound of cats fighting.

    Currently reading Stephen King’s CELL, which is really relentless in the tension. I’m not sure how good it is yet, but it has put me on edge and made everything around me seem potentially threatening. That’s a good thing, but being a Zombie story by nature, it will need to pull a few more punches than just gore and tension. The first 60 pages are really nice, but the meat, no pun intended, is definitely yet to come. You do have to respect him for just starting right at ground zero of the story and moving from there. There is mayhem by page 5. This is of course the way of the ZOMBIE mythos, although 28 DAYS LATER did have a nice slow start after an incredibly vicious Prologue. I think in the end it will be pretty standard 70s-80s King; scare and gore in equal parts strung together with a plot like severed ears on a string.

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