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    Saturday, January 21, 2006

    Sanitize Before You Send

    It would seem that The NSA would like for you, well actually it's really just internal, to sanitize your WORD documents before you turn them into .pdf files and send them across the nefarious internet. So, they've created this nice little document to simplify the process. I don't know what disturbs me more, the fact that the general NSA person creating sensitive .pdf documents doesn't know how to properly scrub them or the fact that the creator of this document left the cute Microsoft kitten in the screen grabs. Someone should let them know that Acrobat 7 has better encryption tools and other properties that are useful. Of course version 7 has only been out for over a year and it really is hard to keep everything up-to-date. This does not inspire confidence in me for the maintaining of sensitive information. I hear they're good listeners though.

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