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    Sunday, December 18, 2005

    Again with the nothing

    Spent most of today writing a short story that doesn't seem so short anymore. I might be done tonight, but most likely it'll take most of the day tomorrow as well. I did go fishing though but caught only bait fish as it were. I swear I'm going to cure me some small blue gill one of these days. I wonder if you can fry a small fish like that whole and eat it, gutted of course? Probably, but it really isn't worth the mess the oil would make here. I also spent a few minutes shooting rocks at Mr. Nibbles with a sling shot. I'll need to bring back my BB gun from Christmas visit so I can actually remedy the problem. I have no great desire to kill him, but if he keeps nibbling, there will have to be consequences.

    I'm almost to the part in Harry Potter VI where Dumbledore dies. I can't wait. It's not the best of the franchise, but is an enjoyable read. I'm sure I'll find his death lackluster, what I call a "Yar Death." But I'll have to wait and see.

    Been participating in a slow e-mail conversation with my friend, at least I hope we're still friends, Jessica (not the one who met some of you at the bar, but a different one) who just got a job working for E!, and some of you will be excited to know (Breena) that she's currently writing for a couple of their countdown shows, namely: "I just finished writing on "101 Celebrity Slimdowns" and just started on "50 Best Chick Flicks." So at some point you will be able to enjoy these at the bar. Countdown shows are always good at the bar. They stimulate conversation at a time when most people are not ready to talk to each other yet. Namely before the first beer is finished, however few people can resist talking to the TV when they disagree with who's #7 is on a list of cutest child stars.

    Of course I'm mentioning her here because she says she doesn't read blogs on principle (because she'd get addicted and get less work done) and is sorry she hasn't read mine, so she'll never know I wrote about her. Unless I tell her of course so that she'll see what I've said and then get pissed because it is harmless and she's just read a blog. But, I wouldn't do that. It just isn't the type of person I am.

    Hello Jessica.


    The lovely and the talented said...

    ooooh! I can't wait. Now I will know who to blame when I am sucked into a countdown and it is 3:00AM and I have to be up at 6:30AM to go to work.

    Alan Gratz said...

    I thought HPVI was the worst of the lot. That's not to say I didn't read the whole thing straight through the day after it came out. I still love the characters, and by this point I could read a book about them painting a room and then watching it dry and still be entertained. (Because you know they would do it with funny-sounding magic spells, and ROn and Hermione would argue, and something very surprising would happen to Harry and he would remember a time when Mom and Dad paintied his baby room and - but I digress.)

    My major beef with HPVI is that the damn plot doesn't really get going until you're like two hundred pages from the end. And all that stupid crap with Malfoy - very anti-climactic IMHO.

    Dumbledore kicks the bucket a tad better than Yar did (then again, who doesn't?) but it's still not how you'd like to see the old schoolmaster go. And I was less bummed by Dumbledore's death than by Sirius' a book (or two?) back. He was kick ass, and the perfect surrogate father for Harry.

    Fred and George remain favorite characters, but I find that after this book I like my favorite character even more - Longbottom. Yes, you heard me right. Longbottom is my favorite. I can't wait to see what she does with him in the final book!

    Seen the new movie? It got tepid reviews, but I thought it was even stronger than the Azkhaban, which I thought was easily the best of the movies so far.

    Fabricationist said...

    I agree with almost everything you said. I've also made a new Hex in honor of Dumbledore "Mortis Yar", even though it looked like it only grazed him as it went by. The main reason the action didn't pick up until near the end was her employment of the pensive as the answer to the flashbacks instead of just making a part of the book about the younger Dumbledore or something. In the end, old Dumby has probably split his soul against his own better wishes. I'm thinking it's in his wand he lost over the side of the wall.

    I'm afraid that my major disappointment was the turning of Snape. I actually like the angry duality of Snape and hope in the end that he simply had to do what he did for the greater good. Dumbledore was the kind of person who would have allowed Snape to kill him for this reason; hopefully Mrs. Rowling sees this as well.

    Here's to HP VII being more plot and less exposition. I'm pretty sure I don't need much more background for the battlefield to open before me.

    As for the movies, the most recent wins by a slight lead as best film. Maybe not best translation of book, but they were up against about 300 pages more than anyone else had been. I think the third film is also quite wonderful though, but the emotional journey Harry takes in this most recent one is quite wonderful and really well pulled of.

    Alright, places everyone.