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    Friday, December 09, 2005

    Running Away

    Running back to the woods tomorrow, which is probably a good thing. I seem to have the will power of the Marques de Sade. I’m afraid I’ll need a liver transplant soon, and I seem to misplaced my nurse. Start saving your pennies those don’t come cheap. Liver transplants that is, nurses are a dime a dozen, at least where I shop.

    It was a welcome if not somewhat unproductive break, but it must end. I’ll return sometime near the end of the month with a hunting rife and a scope and keep you safe by scanning the skies for fat terrorists in frilly toboggans who can’t stop chuckling about their plans.

    I’ll try harder next time to see everyone I didn’t see on this round, and try and bitch about it a little less as well. Hopefully I can get a good night sleep next week when my schedule doesn’t have to match his royal highness. Yeowl.

    In the end I think I was a little harsh on the crew who shot here yesterday. It wasn’t their fault they forgot a camera of some kind so they could take pictures of the rooms before they moved everything, so they could later put everything back where it went. Oh wait, yes it was. It’s close I guess, but I’m still finding things tucked away where they don’t belong. It was the nonchalant attitude I respected.

    Going shopping now. Everyone gets something used this year. Tis the season of regifting Just make sure you give the things from friends to family and the things from family to friends. Otherwise it could cause a rift in the relationship and send everyone spiraling into depression.

    Oh well, I’m off.

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